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Arch Acres


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Halter Breaking

This page contains pictures, results, and notes of Halter Breaking cattle. #1 tip DO IT WHEN THEY ARE SMALL!

. We decided to tackle the biggest one first. Rosie, apprx. 600lbs, put up a heck of a fight. We made a makeshift pinch with an 8 foot gate and urged the herd into the corral trapping Rosie and letting the rest go. Jess my daughter worked the gate. Once in we learned to grab their horns(so they can't pick up the corral gate and move it). We cross tied her and streched a rope with two tie holes across the corral. Once we moved Rosie to the rope(25-30 min later) she proceeded to jump and fall and carry on until she decided it was best to stand as close to it so she could breathe easier. I am pictured 2 hours later leading her around and brushing Rosie. Jess and I did this alone.

. Also pictured the result of Blue's day with the ropes. She took about 1 1/2 hours and probably should have stayed in longer but she was leading as well.