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Arch Acres


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The People

One of the many wonderful aspects of this breed is the people.

Where ever you go there is always some one ready to help or share pictures and stories with. With the Ohio show being the first show we participated in, we didn't really know what we were doing. Once there, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Tomey and Family helped us out tremendously. Mike showed the kids how to show and Mrs. Tomey was very helpful in getting us information and making us feel at home.

Once settled in, we talked with fellow enthusiasts of the breed and shared stories and talked about our favorite bulls and names.

While visiting my wife's sister in Kansas, we visited the Bluebird Ridge Ranch owned by Gary & Lisa Baugher and the Quarter Ridge Longhorns owned by Gary & Jo Norris. We enjoyed our time spent with the ranches and greatly appreciated the opportunity to visit these wonderful ranches.

It must be the longhorn hospitality that naturally occurs in people associated with the longhorn business.